About us

How it all started

life is Best when your food is Best

We started in January of 2013 to form a company to manufacture food products,& actual launch occurred on 15thAugust of same year. With first line products including cashew nut normal & Ready to use flours of rice, wheat & gram etc.

Our Founder Mr.Vinayak got inspiration from the course called EDP, held by CIBA, Verna Goa &Govt of Goa. After this program he initiated process by starting his own venture & made it possible in 6 months later that is August 2013

We desire to become leading manufacturer of food products we currently produce & products we will be introducing shortly.

Why the name “BEST”?
Why not? Well I was tossing the name for my future company, that is I was searching for best name for my company, I looked at many companies, went through internet, Wikipedia’s, blogs to know how big companies formed their names I looked at companies like Tata, Birla or ford or Indian food companies like Bedekar, Chitale, Amul who used surnames. Finally I came to conclusion that name doesn’t matters much what matters is what you provide to society, how your product is like when you say Tata it’s not name you respect but it’s their work or their products, peoples etc. So I thought instead of searching for best name or using my surname or name why not use the word best itself, that’s it that’s how it fixed as the name for my 1st company……….Vinayak(CEO)

Why tri-color Indian flag in the logo?
I will say it again why not? I am Indian & I love my country. Also we started on 15th August so this is just launching logo more colors are coming soon.……….Vinayak(CEO)

Our Vision:

  • Is to become One of the the leading manufacturer & exporter of food products & food ingredients.

Our Mission:

  • To stay true to our name with our products.
  • To serve this world the products that are Best in quality than the rest of the guy’s selling out there at the Best possible price

Current Products:

  • Cashew nut Normal & flavored,
  • Ready to use flours of Rice, Wheat, Gram etc,
  • Readymade Spices like Garam masala, Pickle masala, Sambar masala, Chicken masala etc.